The fifth wave
Title: The fifth wave
Spanish title: La quinta ola
Author: Rick Yancey
Nº pages: 474
Editorial: RBA
Approximate price: 17,10€
Spanish SBN: 9788427204225

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The second wave:
swell up
The third wave:
The fourth wave:

“If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”
-Stephen Hawking
Cassie is a normal girl who has lost everything she had. It all started with the appearance of "the others". They attacked the Earth with different waves, killing the majority of the population, only the strongest have survived. You can’t trust anybody and the only way to stay alive is to travel alone. Cassie is looking for her little brother. In her continued pursuit Cassie knows Evan Walker, an estrange boy who works on farm and he don’t really appears it. He cares for Cassie after finding her half dead on a highway due to a gunshot wound and he wants to join her on the trip. Cassie will have to choose to trust him or not.

While the government is bringing people together, informing them of the progress of the waves and protecting children… well, at least that’s what they say because they are really training the children to form a loyal army that they can control. There a guy called Zombie discovers with the help of his squad, a very important and danger secret that the current army hid.
In this story we can see how the life of this main character changes with the aliens appears. They live in different circumstances from just coming together to a common interest. This book is full of action, science fiction, mystery… It catches you from the beginning. 

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