Interview to Paula


How old were you when you started swimming? Why?
I started swimming with "Club Natación Torrijos" in the season 2007/08, but I used to swim in swimming classes when I was young because of my back problems. Now, swimming is my hobby.

Which is your favourite style?
I usually swim all butterfly distances (50m, 100m and 200m) in most of the competitons. I like that but I think 200m butterfly is really hard. I also like swimming 200m and 400m freestyle.

What was your best achievement?
To represent Castilla-La Mancha´s team in the Spain Championship, and to have participated in many other Spain Championships.

How much time do you spend training? Do you have enough time time for studing, going out with your friends...?
Training sessions take from 20:30 to 22:30, at least five days a week. Some days I can´t go swimming because I have to study.
Yes, I go out with my friends too.

Have you met new people from other places?
Yes, a lot of people like Marta (Ciudad Real), Lourdes (Valdepeñas), Candela (Almansa), David (Talavera), Sandra (Toledo) and so on.

How do you feel when you are seconds away from diving?
I feel really nervous. Fear and insecurities are rounding my head, but all these feelings disappear when I dive into the water.

What do you feel when you win? And when something doesn´t go as you expected?
When I win, I feel satisfied and happy with myself, and it gives me strenght to continue working. When something is not like I expected I become discouraged with myself and I throw off the towel quickly, but after all I start working again doing my best.

Have you ever thought about quitting swimming?
Yes, when something goes wrong, and now because of my studies.

Would you like to continue swimming in the future? In a professional way or like a hobby?
I would like to continue swimming, but I know it´s very dificult to become a professional swimmer, so I´ll continue swimming if not in a professional way, as a hobby.

Which are your objectives for this season?
To do the best I can, because I´m very concentrated on my studies.

Cave of the Crystals

In these first months of the magazine I will write a series of incredible and curious phenomena that occurs in different parts of the world.

Today we are going to start with an incredible landscape from Mexico.

Cave of the Crystals

This cave is located in the city of Naica (Chihuahua, Mexico) 300 meters deep underground.

It is an unusual cave that seems to have been taken from another planet. It is sometimes compared with the cave that appears in Superman films and is formed by the hugest pieces of crystal of the world. These pieces of selenite crystals can be 12 meters long, 1 meter width and can weight over 55 tons.

Despite of its beauty, this place is like a hell because of its temperatures that can reach 50ºC and its 98% of humidity. A human being could only stay in the cave for a few minutes before getting dehydrated.

Spanish researches who have been into the cave think that these crystals were created very slowly over a million years ago. Crystals were formed because of a magma chamber under the cave. This magma heated the underground water and it became saturated with minerals that contain a great amount of gypsum.

Cave of the Crystals (Mexico)

Cave of the Crystals (Mexico)


Music zone



He has great success.
He is the most famous DJ in the world.          
Now-a-days, he's on the top of the lists.
One of the trendiest artists.

He makes rare mixures of music.
Comertial music.

Play hard.
She Wolf.
Where Them Girls At.
Just One Last Time.
I Can Only Imagine.
One Love.


She sings nicely, very well.
Her song's letters are stickly and they have meaning.

Her new way of acting influences her fans, and most of them are children.
Her new videoclips.
Her fame has raised up to her head.

The Climb.
When I Look At You.
We Can't Stop.
I Miss You.
See You Again.
Party In The USA.


She´s different.
She sings very well.

She believes herself a goddness (of pop music).
She goes in underwear.
She ends up by get people bored.
She´s exaggerated and outragerous.

Pocker Face.
Bad Romance.
Born This Way.


They sing very well.
They have good sound and good songs
They have good style.
Each singer has something different.

They are overvalued.
They compared with The Beattles for being an English boy band.
They have to mature musically and they have to improve their performances.

What Makes You Beautiful.
Live While We're Young.
Kiss You.
Little Things.
Best Song Ever.
One Way Or Another (Cover).
Story Of My Life.



Our high school is full of talented students who sometimes walk by unnoticed among us.  This is the case of our friend Víctor Rodríguez, 2º bachillerato, upcoming great director who generously presents us his first short movie.  He thinks of filming a new and ambitious one next spring.  We'll pay attention to him and keep you informed.  In the meantime, enjoy from "Cama Vacía"


In this section we will talk about films.
Let´s show you the summary.
We will post all kinds of films, horror films, comedy, action, science fiction, cartoons, romantic, adventure and so on.
This is a preview of what we will post:

Action films:

The fast and the Furious is an action-adventure film which takes you inside of the world of street racing (speeding). Dominic Toretto is a gang leader who is accused of hijacking truks and stealing over a million dollars worth in electronic equipment. The FBI sends an officer Brian O´Conner undercovers into Los Ángeles' street racing circuit to take down Toretto and his team.

Director: Rob Cohen.
Stars: Vin Disel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodríguez.

Movie trailer

Interview to Anabel


How old were you when you started doing karate?
I was 5 years old.

Which belt do you have?
The black one.

Which have you been your best achievement in this sport?
To be Spanish championship and twice third of Spain.

How much time do you spend doing karate?
I spend between eight an ten hours a week.

Do you combine well with studies?
Yes, I do.

Do you practise another sport apart from karate?
No, I don´t.

Which have been the competitions that you remember most fondly?
The first time I participated in a competition. The referees of all tatamis stopped to have a look on what I was doing and the entire pavilion started
 clapping at me heartily.
And again in 2011 when I was first of Spain.

Would you like to continue practising karate in the future?
Yes, of course.

What´s your favourite mode?
Kata and combat.
I like both of them very much because in 2009 and 2011. I got national budget in kata and in 2013 in combat.

Have you made friends from other teams of karate from other comunity? Where?
From Andalucía, Murcia, Cantabria, Extremadura, Madrid, Aragón, País Vasco and Navarra.

Anabel's victory, Spain's Championship


In this section I`ll  include videos of humor like: 
Parkour fails, Funny fails drops and bumps,  youtubers videos and funny
YouTube channels.
 And some jokes.

In the First number I prepared 2 videos that you will enjoy and one joke

The first video is: bumps and drops 2013

The second video is Parkour & Free Running Fails Compilation


One day a man goes to a pet shop to buy a parrot. The assistant takes the man to the parrot section and asks the man to choose one. The man asks, ''How much is the yellow one?'' The assistant says, ''$2000.'' The man gets shocked and asks the assistant why it's so expensive. The assistant explains, ''This parrot is a very special one. He knows typewriting and can type really fast.'' ''What about the green one?'' the man asks. The assistant says, ''He costs $5000 because he knows typewriting and can answer incoming telephone calls and takes notes.'' ''What about the red one?'' the man asks. The assistant says, ''That one's $10,000.'' The man says, ''What does HE do?'' The assistant says, ''I don't know, but the other two call him boss.''

Interview to Daniela


How old were you when you started practising rhythm gymnastic? Why did you start?
I started practising gymnastics when I was 8 years old, because when I was young I always liked bending, doing somersault and that things, however I didn´t know that there was a sport related to this until I saw it.  

What is the style that you do better?

I would say that what I do better is the ball and free hands.  

What was your best achievement in the 'Club de Gimnasia Rítmica Torrijos'?

This year´s best achievement in the Spanish championships, I reached the final, and I won the 7th position out of 120  

How many hours do you spend practising rhythm gymnastics? Do you have enough left time to do your homework, meet with your friends..?

Normally I spend 12 hours a week, but when we have a competition I spend around 18 hours. It needs a lot of effort and hard work. Yes I have time left to meet with my friends and to study at the weekends, if you have your day well organised, you can do it all!  

Do you have friends from other clubs?

Yes, I have made a lot of friends from different communities and even from different countries.  

Would you like to continue practising rhythm gymnastics in the future? In a professional way or like a hobby?

The truth is that I would like to. For me it is the same. I suppose that I would do it as a hobby more than in a professional way.  

What are your feelings when you´re only seconds aways from starting?

Tension, a lot of tension, joy and nerves, because in only 1 minute and a half you have to do what you have been preparing and working for all the year long. I would say that a lot of feelings at the same time. 

What do you feel when you win? And also when something is not as you expected?

When I win I feel very happy for myself but for my trainer too because she is the person that trains me very hard to the point of winning something.
And when something is not as I expected, I suppose that I get a little disappointed, but I´ve always thought that each sport has a good side and another dark side.  

What are your objectives for this season?

To better myself, to get new challenges, not only to pass to the finals.
What´s your favourite style in this this sport?
Free hands, that means doing the performance without apparatus (ribbon, ball, rope...) and ball and free hands are my favourite ones.