F1 legends: The 1950s

We inaugurate the F1 section with a series of articles about F1 legendary drivers. Today, we are going to talk about the first decade and its legendary drivers…

Juan Manuel Fangio

Fangio driving his Mercedes.
-World Champion in: 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956 and 1957.

Juan Manuel Fangio is considered as one of the best drivers of all times. His curriculum is quite interesting: Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Maserati and even Ferrari. His techniques were also very curious: before each race, he recognized every circuit, and every turn in them… but he never could memorized the turns of one circuit: Nordschleife, today called Nurbürgring, a circuit which he always hate. In 1958 he decided to get retired after a horrible year.

Alberto Ascari

Ascari driving his Ferrari.
-World Champion in: 1952 and 1953

In a decade dominated by Fangio, Ascari was the only driver who could stop (however, just for 2 years) the domination of the argentine driver. The fans of Ferrari remember Ascari because he was the first champion of the “Scuderia”. After winning those two championships, he went to Maserati in 1954, but that year was horrible for him and the thing was even worse in 1955 with Lancia. Finally, he died at Monza testing a Ferrari´s sports car.

Giuseppe “Nino” Farina

Nino Farina driving his Ferrari.
-World Champion in 1950

“Nino ci fa sognare”, if you recognized that sentence, you are a real fan of Ferrari. Nino Farina was not as successful as Fangio or Ascari were, but for most of the people who watched the F1 at the 1950s, Farina was the best driver. Farina won the F1 Championship in 1950 with Alfa Romeo and stayed there in 1951. After that, he went to Ferrari and stayed in the “Scuderia” for some years, until 1955. He seemed like a gentleman driving… but he was almost a suicidal driver. However he always said he was protected by the providence. He got injured a lot of times, but he continued driving… after all, he was protected…

What games are your top 5?

What games are your top 5?

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I will be in charge of the Gaming section. This section will talk about games (obviously), consoles, games conferences, and so on.
The first thing I want to talk about is kind of a presentation: What games do you like more?
I'm going to write my top 5 games, and a short review of them. Why don't you to do the same downside in the comments? :D.

This is my top 5:

1.- Minecraft
I don't like this game because of the popularity it has achieved. Though, I am willing to include it in the first place because it changed my gamer life forever: it was the first “serious” game I played, and introduced me in the world of gaming.
P.S.: I don't think this game needs a review :P.

                                                      2.- Assassin's Creed Saga
AC is a Third Person game, which develops from a medieval to a 18th century atmosphere. It has a very impressive story, but not so much replayability. If you like history, stealth and action, you will definetly love this game.
This game did more or less the same to me that Minecraft : it was the first AAA I played in my life. Since then, I started playing big games, such as Skyrim, Mass Effect, etc.

3.- League of Legends
LoL is, as almost all of you may know, the nº1 played game in the world. In its genre, it is the best on the issue of strategy, but it is closely followed by Dota 2 in terms of action.
I set this game in the 3rd position because it is for me like a complimet for all the other games, like a substitute of a sport to follow (that doesn't mean i don't do exercise!)

                                                      4.- Skyrim

This action RPG MedievalFP has a vast open world, in which you would even get lost if it wasn't for the map provided. Has almost infinite missions to acomplish. If you get to finish them all, you can always mod it for MORE missions to do. Because of all the former reasons and one more: you can kill a Dragon face to face!; this is my 4th game.

5.- Europa Universalis Saga
These games are Grand Strategy games (Risk style) which are extremely complicated, but as addictive as difficult. If you like strategy games and because of any reason you don't knew about it, go and try it know.

Honour mention: SimCity 4
I want to mention this game because it was the very first game i have ever played, and, as a child, I spent some afternoons playing it.

What are your Top 5 games? And what games changed your gamer life?

In this section of the magazine We will inform about different places and touristic alternatives in my country, We will upload a new article every month.
Spain is a very touristic country where you can find different kinds of tourism:

Beach tourism:

Mountain tourism:

Adventure tourism:   

Cultural tourism:

Those kinds of tourism which I have mentioned above are the most important ones of Spain.
In our first article we’d like to speak about Toledo, which is “human heritage” city and that is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

This year, Toledo is celebrating the 400th anniversary of the death of “El Greco”, for this reason Toledo has increased so much its touristic importance during this year.

“El Greco” was a painter who lived most of his life in Greece, after living in different countries, he came and settled down in Toledo and here he lived and worked until he died, in 1614.

Among the many cultural events Toledo has hold are:

  1. Great exhibition at "Santa Cruz museum" which was reunited most of his paintings from all over the world. There, you can find masterpieces such as the Toledo view or "La dormición de la Virgen".

  2. There was also a light and sound show projected on the Cathedral´s main façade. You can watch a video about it in the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3No8aLAKzmo 
  3. There have been also other kind of shows such as the organs battle in the Cathedral. 
  4. There are also plays in the theatre, for example "Yo no soy el Greco", which was performed in the Rojas theatre.
You can look for any information about Toledo in the following link: http://www.losviajeros.com/Tips.php?p=1428



An election to determining who are your friends. 
An election to define your beliefs. 
An election to determinate your loyalties forever. 
One choice can transform you…

Veronica Roth is the writer of the Divergent’s saga, which is formed by Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant. 
Divergent is the story of Beatrice Prior, the book is set in the Chicago of the future where the population is divided into five different factions; each of them is dedicated to cultivating a particular virtue: 
1. Candor (the honest)
2. Abnegation (the selfless)
3. Dauntless (the brave)
4. Amity (The peaceful)
5. Erudite (the intelligence)
In an annual ceremony, all boys and girls aged sixteen have to decide in which faction they will devote the rest of their lives. Beatrice has to choose between staying with her family or being who she really is, she can’t have both things. 
Beatrice learns that she is divergent, this means that while the simulation in which it will be decided to which faction they will belong she is awake and can take control of it. She has to survive being divergent, since it’s forbidden, and with the help of her trainer in the initiation (Four) to save the different factions in a plot organized by the representative of one of the factions.