Interview to Daniela


How old were you when you started practising rhythm gymnastic? Why did you start?
I started practising gymnastics when I was 8 years old, because when I was young I always liked bending, doing somersault and that things, however I didn´t know that there was a sport related to this until I saw it.  

What is the style that you do better?

I would say that what I do better is the ball and free hands.  

What was your best achievement in the 'Club de Gimnasia Rítmica Torrijos'?

This year´s best achievement in the Spanish championships, I reached the final, and I won the 7th position out of 120  

How many hours do you spend practising rhythm gymnastics? Do you have enough left time to do your homework, meet with your friends..?

Normally I spend 12 hours a week, but when we have a competition I spend around 18 hours. It needs a lot of effort and hard work. Yes I have time left to meet with my friends and to study at the weekends, if you have your day well organised, you can do it all!  

Do you have friends from other clubs?

Yes, I have made a lot of friends from different communities and even from different countries.  

Would you like to continue practising rhythm gymnastics in the future? In a professional way or like a hobby?

The truth is that I would like to. For me it is the same. I suppose that I would do it as a hobby more than in a professional way.  

What are your feelings when you´re only seconds aways from starting?

Tension, a lot of tension, joy and nerves, because in only 1 minute and a half you have to do what you have been preparing and working for all the year long. I would say that a lot of feelings at the same time. 

What do you feel when you win? And also when something is not as you expected?

When I win I feel very happy for myself but for my trainer too because she is the person that trains me very hard to the point of winning something.
And when something is not as I expected, I suppose that I get a little disappointed, but I´ve always thought that each sport has a good side and another dark side.  

What are your objectives for this season?

To better myself, to get new challenges, not only to pass to the finals.
What´s your favourite style in this this sport?
Free hands, that means doing the performance without apparatus (ribbon, ball, rope...) and ball and free hands are my favourite ones.

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