Interview to Anabel


How old were you when you started doing karate?
I was 5 years old.

Which belt do you have?
The black one.

Which have you been your best achievement in this sport?
To be Spanish championship and twice third of Spain.

How much time do you spend doing karate?
I spend between eight an ten hours a week.

Do you combine well with studies?
Yes, I do.

Do you practise another sport apart from karate?
No, I don´t.

Which have been the competitions that you remember most fondly?
The first time I participated in a competition. The referees of all tatamis stopped to have a look on what I was doing and the entire pavilion started
 clapping at me heartily.
And again in 2011 when I was first of Spain.

Would you like to continue practising karate in the future?
Yes, of course.

What´s your favourite mode?
Kata and combat.
I like both of them very much because in 2009 and 2011. I got national budget in kata and in 2013 in combat.

Have you made friends from other teams of karate from other comunity? Where?
From Andalucía, Murcia, Cantabria, Extremadura, Madrid, Aragón, País Vasco and Navarra.

Anabel's victory, Spain's Championship

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