Interview to Paula


How old were you when you started swimming? Why?
I started swimming with "Club Natación Torrijos" in the season 2007/08, but I used to swim in swimming classes when I was young because of my back problems. Now, swimming is my hobby.

Which is your favourite style?
I usually swim all butterfly distances (50m, 100m and 200m) in most of the competitons. I like that but I think 200m butterfly is really hard. I also like swimming 200m and 400m freestyle.

What was your best achievement?
To represent Castilla-La Mancha´s team in the Spain Championship, and to have participated in many other Spain Championships.

How much time do you spend training? Do you have enough time time for studing, going out with your friends...?
Training sessions take from 20:30 to 22:30, at least five days a week. Some days I can´t go swimming because I have to study.
Yes, I go out with my friends too.

Have you met new people from other places?
Yes, a lot of people like Marta (Ciudad Real), Lourdes (Valdepeñas), Candela (Almansa), David (Talavera), Sandra (Toledo) and so on.

How do you feel when you are seconds away from diving?
I feel really nervous. Fear and insecurities are rounding my head, but all these feelings disappear when I dive into the water.

What do you feel when you win? And when something doesn´t go as you expected?
When I win, I feel satisfied and happy with myself, and it gives me strenght to continue working. When something is not like I expected I become discouraged with myself and I throw off the towel quickly, but after all I start working again doing my best.

Have you ever thought about quitting swimming?
Yes, when something goes wrong, and now because of my studies.

Would you like to continue swimming in the future? In a professional way or like a hobby?
I would like to continue swimming, but I know it´s very dificult to become a professional swimmer, so I´ll continue swimming if not in a professional way, as a hobby.

Which are your objectives for this season?
To do the best I can, because I´m very concentrated on my studies.

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