Blood Falls

Continuing with the series of strange natural phenomena that occurs around the world today we will see an outstanding one that is located in the Antarctica.

Blood Falls

Blood Falls is the name for the waterfalls located in Glacier Taylor (Antarctica).
The reason for the name of this scene is very simple. The water that falls from the waterfalls has an unusual blood colour that make this waterfalls very strange.

At first, when the waterfalls were discovered, scientifics though that the only possible reason for the red colour of the water was the presence of algae in it.

However, some years later scientifics found out that the causer of this colour in the water were some microscopic organisms that live in this place.

These organisms have remained under the glacier ice for more than one million years. These beings have the capacity of metabolizing sulfur and iron, so the water is red due to the presence of iron that oxidates when it is in contact with oxygen.

Here are some pics of this awesome landscape:

Place where the waterfalls are located.

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