Scientific facts:
Charles Darwin was one of the first scientists to write about the existence of emotions in nonhuman animals. No great cognitive powers are needed to feel hunger or pain and  the  capacity  to  feel  emotions  is  widespreain  the  animal  kingdom.  Recent research suggests that animals experience emotions like joy, anger and grief. They also feel pain and experience stress.

Similarities with humans:

They produce facial expressions which sometimes bear clear resemblance to the facial expressions seen in humans. So, its clear that we arent so different. Just look at the following pictures of animals showing its emotions and you will realize that they seem just like humans. Even they look like if they talk like humans!

Have you understood all the expressions?

Lets check it! Try to match each English expression with its Spanish meaning:

1.  Here we go again
A.  ¿Que qué?

2.  Ive got a bone to pick with you

B.  Tenemos que ajustar cuentas

3.  Im blown away!

C.  Estoy hecho polvo

4.  I just chilled out

D.  ¡Estoy loco de contento!

5.  Come again?

E Partirse de risa

6.  Laugh out Loud (LOL)

F.   ¡Me cago de miedo!

7.  Im feeling down in the dumps

G.  Me pillas en mal momento
8.  Youve caught me at a bad time
H.  Estoy depre

9.  Im scared shitless!

I.    Ya estamos otra vez

10. Im knackered

J.   Estoy relajado


1-I, 2-B, 3-D, 4-J, 5-A, 6-E, 7-H, 8-G, 9-F, 10-C

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  1. Well, maybe the owl is currently the one I identify the most with.