A poet's blink

Everybody knows that there are gifted people for everything, ok, but what not all know is that a pack of them flock together in 4º B-C bilingual this year and every now and then they give us some bits of their talent.
Today our friend Paula R. Bolonio shares with us a part of her lyric sense with a couple of poems in English language. Hope you like them

Why do you look so sad, my darling?
Doesn’t the light shine where you are?
I’ll bring you light
And make things alright
Doesn’t the girl listen to you anymore?
I’ll bring you tissues to wipe your eyes
I’ll comfort you and ask why
Why do you hurt yourself, my darling?
Does nobody believe in you anymore?
I’ll bring band aids to put on your wounds
And I’ll give you love like I always did
Why did you leave me, my darling?
Did her lies become too much?
I give you love and tell her to stop

But I guess It’s not enough

Laying her makes me think
Of everything that we could be
If I was brighter
And you were too
Maybe I could have a better future with you
But I’m your trophy wife
While you go out and party all night
I make you look good even If you’re not
I make people believe your temper isn’t that hot
For you I do everything
I cover up my bruises
So, no one notice a thing
But, I really wish we could worked
Because of you, right now,
I’m in hospital to die

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