1. How did you prepare for the race?

-Going running.

-Good nutrition, I had a balance diet.

-Tranning morning and afternoon, some days I was going to the gym.

2. What did you think when you finished it?

-I was satisfied and I was happy because there was a lot of waves, it caused that I vomited proximally at kilometer six, because I hadn´t taken the “Biodramine” which are pills to avoid dizziness, so it was difficult for me to finish but I finished first in my category.

3. Are you happy with your results?

-Yes, because although my results in swimming pool aren´t very good, in open waters in Sanabria within the 6.5 km reace I was fifth in my category, in which only people from Sabadell won, Galaico: which is a city of Galicia with very good people. And in this proof my results were good and the mark was so good too.

4. Would you repeat the heat again?

-Yes, but I would like to make another longer or harder race, for example in the North or some of 15 km, because I prepared so well that I could have made another even longer race.

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