María, Paloma Berjano and Marta Sandoval

Maria, Paloma Berjano and Marta Sandoval

1.How old were you when you started practicing dancing?

2.Why did you start doing this?

3.What was your best achievement in dancing?

4.How many hours do you spend practicing dancing? Do you have enough left time to do your homework, meet your friends…?

5.Do you have friends from other clubs?

6.Would you like to continue practicing dancing in the future? In a professional way or as a hobby?

7.What are your feelings when you’re only seconds away from starting?

8.What do you feel when you win? And also when something is not as you expected?

9.What are your main goals for this season?

10.What is your favorite style in this discipline?

Maria y Paloma Berjano
1.We was eight years old when we started practing dancing

2.Because we was very flexible and this sport was very entertaining for us.

3. Our gratest achievement has been to win a regional competition and also to be clasified to go to the Spanish championship in the absolute category

4.We spent three hours every day of the week,but in spite of training many hours, we have enough time to study , to do our homework and to meet our friends

5.Yes, in general all our partners and we have a lot of friends from other clubs as we coincide in many competitions.

6.Yes, we would like to continue practising dancing in the future but just as a hobby because it is a sport that requires a lot of ascipline and dedication , and it is not rewarded as it should be.

7.We feel very nervous but at the same time we want to show everything we do and all the work that we have put on this.

8.When we win a competition we feel satisfied because we know we have been working for a long time to do our best,and when something is not as we expected , it is useful for us to improve the exercise for the next time.

9.Our objective for this  season is to get a place in the Spanish competition, in the absolute category.

10.Our favourite style is the individual, with hoop, that is my favourite apparatus.

Marta Sandoval
1.I started when I was 4 years old.

2.Because I was always dancing in my house and my mother took me to ballet clases.

3.When I won some competitions.

4.I practise sixteen hours per week.

5.Yes I have enough time.


7.I want to continue dancing for ever,and also I want to dance in a profesional way.

8.I feel nervous but at the same time I want to do my best so I breath and go on.

9.When I win a price I am the happiest person in the world , but if the competition hasn´t been good I cry but I learn about it.

10. I improve a lot. 

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