3º A-B bilingual says STOP RACISM!!

Students of 3º AB bilingual had a nice proposal after the unspeakable behabiour of some Villarreal FC supporters in their match versus FC Barcelona, when one of its players, Dani Alves, received racist insults and was booed while he was thown a banana as if he were a monkey.
Dani Alves' reaction was great, he peeled the fuit and ate it in front of the confused open-mouthed racist supporters. Great, great Alves!
Social networks started to boil and thousands have been the people who joined to one shout: STOP RACISM!
Students decided to bring a banana to school, peel it and eat it to show their affection and solidarity to Dani Alves.  Let's hope this kind of intiatives start blooming everywhere.
Congrats kids!

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