It started on the 23th of March. We had 4 days ahead. The plane to London took off at 7:30 in the morning, so we left Torrijos at 4:15 am so it was still dark . We were really sleepy in the bus which drove us to Madrid, but we resisted and nobody fell asleep. When we reached the airport, we were wishing that the time of the take-off arrived. Fortunately we all passed through the police control without any problem. 7:00 stroke at last, boarding time. At 7:30 we were already flying. After two hours, the long-awaited moment arrived: WE WERE ALREADY IN LONDON! After passing another control at the customs and walking through Gatwick airport, we went out to the street and took the bus which picked us up to the hotel. From the bus we could see a preview of what we were going to see later.
When we arrived at the hotel, everything started to go wrong. Everything was like a joke; no one expected what was going to happen. The room reservation of the girls had been mistakenly cancelled by the travel agent. In that situation, we´d better taking it like a joke… Fortunately, after being waiting at the hotel´s hall for a long time the problem was solved.
The first day we were tired, but the fatigue didn´t prevent us from starting seeing things and having a good time. We reached the hotel around 6 in the evening, but before going up to our rooms, we went to a nearby supermarket. And as usual, we got noticed along the street. That night we went early to sleep, but before this we had been together in one of the rooms but we behaved well.
The next day was the best day of our trip. Despite getting up early, we resisted all day like the champions we are. That day everyone was staring at us, because we were shouting and singing like crazy people all along the streets. We visited some museums and other landmarks in London. The night was the best part of the day. We slept seven people in three beds; we couldn´t move and we didn´t stop laughing all night.
The third day we visited some of the most famous landmarks of London. That day we met two girls and one boy who were English and with whom we were talking and having some good fun.
The fourth day we went to Oxford (thanks to the man at the station because if not we couldn´t have gone). That day everything was wrong with us: the queue for having breakfast was never-ending, the queue to get the tickets for the underground was stuck, we got lost at the underground, we missed the train to Oxford… When we finally reached the train station, Luis and Angela got other tickets to go to Oxford. After all these problems, we arrived in Oxford!
Oxford was a beautiful city; the best thing at the city was Christ Church College where Harry Potter was filmed. That night was the last night, everyone was sad and anyone wanted to return.
The next day, we had some surprises for Luis and Angela, to thank them everything. But it wasn´t the only surprise. When we were at the hall, ready for leaving the hotel; a reception guy told one of the professors that some students had been throwing things out through window. These students had to collect what they had dropped and to disguise they told us that  they were going to buy bread.
Unfortunately, the unwanted moment arrived.  The bus was waiting for us, we had to go. Leaving the sadness aside, at the bus we were remembering the best moments of the trip. We reached the airport. The flight back home was coming closer. We took the last pictures. The plane took off again. After two hours we were back in Spain. Our faces showed fatigue, sadness and desire to be still in London.
When we reached Torrijos, our parents, brothers, sisters and dogs were waiting for us. We said goodbye and everything ended.
The following days we were under the effects of the post-trip depression and today, after two months, everybody continues remembering special moments and with a lot of desires of returning.
There are a lot of anecdotes that we will never forget, as the day when we were participants on a video by a fan of Madonna in the very Westmister Bridge; You don't believe this? click as well as our concepts and hastags of twitter (#JoseConquista, #NoEresAmigoDeJoseSi, #NoHasIdoALondresSi)
Thanks to everyone for making this the best experience of our lives! We have made good friends and also we had met great people.


By Diego Calvo
Andrea Martín

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