Netflix arrives to Spain

Netflix has arrived in Spain. What is it and how does it work? Here you have some tutorials and suggestions to start using Netflix, whether if you are from Spain or not.

What is Netflix?
Netflix is a service which requires a subscription and an internet connection. There are three types of subscription (7, 99 €, 9, 99€ and 11, 99€). Once you have your subscription, you can log in from your computer, your Smart TV or your Smartphone (or from anything with internet). You can watch TV series, movies and documentaries.

The interface is very simple. You have different categories to choose from (for example, foreign movies or documentaries).

You can create your own list with what you would like to watch, instead of looking for it in the categories. The navigation, I insist, is very simple and you can never get lost (maybe just overwhelmed by the number of contents).

Netflix also remembers where you stopped watching the last time. So if you were watching a series yesterday, you can continue today from that exact point.

Netflix also recommends you some series and movies you would maybe enjoy. It offers you a list with the latest tendencies.

While watching something, you can easily configure the program to watch the episode or the movie in English or in Spanish (or in the language of the country you are from).

What to see.

Here you have some suggestions of what to watch in Netflix, but of course it is your opinion the one which counts, these are just some ideas.

House of Cards
Kevin Spacey, politics, intrigues… nothing else to say. This original Netflix series is just perfect if you don´t know where to start from… or if you have a great taste. The darkest side of the American dream. The series is always available in Netflix, so you just take your time to enjoy this masterpiece (is my humble opinion…).

BBC content
Sherlock, Luther, Top Gear, the Musketeers… The BBC provides to Netflix its best series to enjoy them. Of course, they are translated (but, of course, the original voices are always better). Nothing else to say, just enjoy these British series… and by the way, some documentaries.

Tons of films
You can, as I have said, enjoy movies in Netflix. From classics such as Forrest Gump or The Lord of the Rings to much modern movies like The Hunger Games, Inception or Pacific Rim. The catalogue is always evolving so new movies will arrive soon.

Netflix original series
And to finish, you have original series from Netflix like Marco Polo, Narcos, Daredevil or Orange is the new Black. You should always have in mind these series and documentaries, because most of them have quite a good quality. However, maybe you should not have children around when watching these series…

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