Title: All the bright places

Spanish title: Violet y Finch

Author: Jennifer Niven

Nº pages: 398 

Editorial: Planeta (Destino) 

Approximate price: 14,95€/ 16,82€ 

Spanish SBN: 9788408141426

All the bright places tells the story of how Violet and Finch meet.

All begins when one day Finch is on top of the steeple of his high school with intentions to commit suicide and there he discovers that he isn’t alone. Violet is on the edge of the steeple as Finch, she is a popular girl that everyone is talking about. This guy just convincing her not to do anything stupid and saving her, but coincidences of life whole high school thinks otherwise, they think that was Violet who saved Finch.

From there they begin to know each other better because they have to do a job together. Despite the many labels that people puts you for being weird or different, these two characters get to know each other well and help between them.

It is a book to take it forward because once it grabs you cannot put it down, it is a story that helps you to think about the values of life and how easy is can be to lose it. I assure you that although that All the bright places will not catch you from the start you’ll end up devouring it unable to avoid some occasional tears drop

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