Book Review

 the third and final book from Divergent trilogy


Tris has revealed the secret that her faction, Abnegation, has been killed for, broadcasting the shocking truth to all within the city’s walls: 

The factions were created in the city of Chicago in order to cure the corruption and chaos of the world outside. The Divergent are not a problem that need to be killed, but an indicator of strength – when those identified as Divergent increase in number, the city’s walls are to be opened, and the city’s wisdom is to be shared with the outside world.

This truth, however, comes at a great cost. Tris’s home city is in chaos, the factions – those carefully ordered and selected tribes based on dominant personality traits – are no more. After opposing the Erudite, the Factionless led by Tobias’s mother, Evelyn, have taken over the city and their rule is as absolute as it is Evelyn’s new rule is filled with unrest, however, a new rebellion brews – the “Allegiant” are recruiting, and they want Tris and Tobias to join their cause and venture beyond the city walls

What Tris and her friends find beyond Chicago’s borders, however, will once again upend everything they thought they knew about their world. The world is much larger than they ever could have imagined; the truth of the factions, of the founding of the city, of their very way of life, is not what it seems. 

Once again, Tris must make a choice. Once again, everything will change.

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