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Francisco de Paula, mostly known as Blue Jeans, is a famous Spanish writer. His books are the series “Canciones Para Paula”, “El Club De Los Incomprendidos” and his new book “Tan Sencillo Como Twitear Te Quiero”. I had the good fortune to meet him in person and ask him to grant us a little interview. And this is the result:

1. We know that your name is Francisco de Paula, but we're curious, why Blue Jeans? Why do you write under this pseudonym?

A: I used this pseudonym in the forums to talk about music, sport, series ... when I started in Fotolog I wanted that the people start to speak about the characters and judge me by my writing and remain me in the background. BlueJeans comes from Sqeezer’s song. I like the sound of the title and adopted the nickname. Then the publisher decided to use it for my books.

2. Even from childhood you thought to dedicate to writing?

A: Since childhood I like to write but I never imagined I would get everything I've accomplished. Everything starts to not find work as a journalist and I have free time to propose the challenge of writing a novel. I could not publish that novel but it helped me to prove to myself that I could make a long story with a beginning and end.

3. Of all the books you have written what do you think has been most successful?

A: All are selling well and is fortunate to have seven books on the market. But I am aware that I have to keep working hard and striving every day to prevent this is over.

4. In "Canciones Para Paula" and "El club de los incomprendidos" you refer to sugus. Why this "obsession" with the sugus?

A: There isn’t an obsession. In the misunderstood I refer to them to give a wink to readers of Songs for Paula.

5. Soon it will be released your new book "As simple as to tweet I love you". Could you tell us a little about it?

A: It is a university story that I really wanted to write in a while. It retains the style of all the previous books, but I have raised a point pitch to be slightly older characters. I cannot talk any more. The first chapter is on the Internet as an advance.

6. What advice would you give to people who are starting in the world of writing?

A: Do not get hung up on post and write for fun. And then read a lot. To be a good writer you must first be a good reader.

7. Do you do something more professionally besides writing?

A: I am a graduate in journalism, but now the books and everything around them take me twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

8. Have you thought about writing for an adult audience?

A: I like living day to day and just think of the new book and the tour firms will follow. I never shut any doors, although I see very far writing another genre.

These are his books, I hope you like it: 

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