Hi guys! On March 20th was released in cinemas the film adaptation of Insurgent, the second book in the Divergent series written by Veronica Roth. That’s why we are going to do something different, we are going to comment the film but first here I leave you the book review.
one choice can destroy you”
Book information:
Title: Insurgent
Spanish title: Insurgente 
Author: Veronica Roth

Nº pages: 463
Editorial: RBA MOLINO
Approximately price: 16´93€ / 17´10€
ISBN*: 978-84-272-0318-1
*This number helps to find the book in the databases of the bookstores.

One choice
that becomes a sacrifice
one sacrifice
that becomes into loss
one loss
that becomes burden
one burden
that becomes battle

After the plot organized by Jeanine Matthews all the members of Abnegation and Dauntless run to Amity looking for help. Amity told them that they can stay as long as they keep the peace. To Tris’ ears arrives the information that the Erudite attacked Abnegation because they want some secret information that they had. Tobias's mom (Evelyn) apparently isn't dead after all, she ran away from Abnegation. In a private conversation between Evelyn and Tris, Evelyn calls her a "temporary fixture" in Tobias' life, while she his family. Tobias's mom tells her son her plans for a factionless revolution. 
Tris wants discover what is the secret that Abnegation hide and why Jeanine wants it. She also doesn’t like Evelyn’s plan to control the factions, she thinks that Evelyn is a bit like Jeanine.
The Erudite attack the divergent people and start to experiment with them, and so with our protagonist, Tris.
With the factionless’ help Tobias is able to rescue Tris from Erudite and with her help they show to all the people the secret that Abnegation got. This makes an amazing change in the society.

Insurgent is a book full of action that you will love at the moment you start reading it. The end of the book shows a new shocking reality of the world where Tris and Four have been living. The Divergent saga is a series of books that definitely you get caught instantly.

Well, now it´s time to talk a little about the movie.

Name: Divergent Series: Insurgent

Director: Robert Schwentke

Release dates: March 20th, 2015 (United States)/ April 1st , 2015 (Spain)

Firstly, this cannot be called a “book adaptation” I may call it a “movie that is based on a book” as long as it is a very very loose adaptation of Veronica Roth's novel, which contains a vastly different plot.

There are drastic changes in the movie that shouldn´t have taken place, one that all the book fans have notice on the trailer before the film came out is the fact that in the book, Tris is unable to hold a gun in her hands because of what happened to Will (she had to kill him on self defense) but in the film she uses them confidently. This can seem to have nothing to change but it does, it changes the essence of the character, her principles and her inner thoughts.
Other changes that were criticized on the social media where: the box with the message that only Divergents can open through simulations , neither the box or the simulations are featured in the book, instead the message is found on Jeanine's computer, which is hard to access. The absence of important characters like Zeke Pedrad (Uriah´s older brother) who has a very important role and the changes of the places where relevant things occur.

But, if you go to the theaters to watch the movie just as a movie not as an adaptation you will find a thrilling science fiction movie with a non-stop action movement around the dystopian Chicago where our principal characters have to deal with the civil war they´re getting into and all the new information they are finding, all with a soundtrack that, personally, made me had goosebumps at some parts of the movie.

Sarah R. and Celia M.

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