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Hi everyone! Today I’m bringing you a double review as long as I couldn´t decide which of the two options I wanted to show you most so … you get two for the same price!

Fist, I’d like to talk about “Half Bad”, the first novel of the Half-Life Trilogy which was a great surprise because I´ve already read about witches (Harry Potter, Magisterium… not to go so far) and the fist thought that brought to life on my mind was something like “Please, not another book of a teenager magician who fights against dragons and other magical creatures” but it was none of that at all. The way Sally Green describes what the main character has to get through in order to survive is just hard, she describes everything in a real way, which helps you to get into the book and personally, sometimes while reading it I felt has angry, terrified or confused as the protagonist.

Before all of you get bored, here I leave you the information and the review:

Wanted by no one, Hunted by everyone.

Book information:
Title: Half Bad
Spanish title: El lado oscuro.
Author: Sally Green
Nº pages: 415
Editorial: Gran Travesía
Approximately price: 16´95€
*This number helps to find the book in the databases of the bookstores.

**The first two books are available in English, but in Spanish you can only find the first one by the time.
A world divided in two factions at war: The Black Witches and the White ones that, for centuries have hunted their enemies. Nathan is caught in the middle as a Half Code (nor White nor Black) the son of the most notorious and depreciated black witch, Marcus, and a gentle white witch and when he is born their world is turned upside down.  Viewed by the Council as both a threat and a key weapon against Marcus the father he never met, Nathan is caged by his 16th birthday, he and those who lives with await which of his two heritages will dominate—his sinister half or his compassionate half- while they know that as a Black Witch, he'll die if not given three gifts on his 16th birthday by a blood relative; this means Marcus is his only hope.
On his journey to escape from the Hunters, cruel White Witches who persecute and torment him, Nathan searches to understand his past and his own nature is he truly a White or Black Witch?
The second book I want to show you is not really a book, it´s more like a kind of graphic novel…but it isn´t a novel either. It´s a collection of humoristic drawings that Laura Pacheco has done every week for S Moda , a magazine of the newspaper El País.
I have had a great time with this “book” and felt indentified with some of the things Laura talks about, it could be a good present for the Mother´s Day (I know it´s a little late but) or for someone who is not really into reading.
Below you’ll find the information and some of the pages:

Title: Problemas del Primer Mundo
Author: Laura Pacheco
Nº pages: 159
Editorial: Lumen
Approximately price: 14´90€
*This number helps to find the book in the databases of the bookstores.
**Available only in Spanish

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