Today I´m bringing you two different ways to get a charge out of those tales some of us have grown listening to. Yep, I´m talking about those stories Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm collected from the villages and towns all around Germany I declare myself an obsessed of them so I´ll tell you anything just to convince you to read them too because they are a must-to-read “– which are known nowadays by children as “the story behind the Disney movie” which really pisses me off.

 The first option (left book) is for the ones who are not rally into the fairy tales but like the atmosphere created by the magical and unique objects of them. If you like a little bit of mysteries as well I think this book is for you.

Book information:
Title: The Grimm Legacy.
Spanish title: El legado de los Grimm.
Author: Polly Shulman.
Nº pages: 404.
Editorial: Nocturna Ediciones.
Approximately price: 17.00€
*This number helps to find the book in the databases of the bookstores.


Elizabeth is a ordinary teenage girl with a particular  job: she  works at a library , but  not the  usual library  that  leads books, she  works  as a page hand by hand with other teenagers  at the New York Circulating Material Repository  - a lending library of not just  common contemporary and historical objects but extraordinary too. In the basement of this building, locked away from the other items, there are some special collections like the Grimm Collection: a room full of powerful objects- like the Snow White´s stepmother´s sinister mirror, a mermaid´s comb …-mentioned on the tales of the two German brothers.

But when some of the magical objects start to disappear from the security room the arraignments fall over her friends and her so they embark on a journey to find out who the thief is and how to prove their innocence.

The other option (right book) is a compilation of the Grimm Tales but in their original form- no, they are not written in German. 

Title: Grimm Tales for Young and Old. A new version.
 Spanish Title: Cuentos de los Hermanos Grimm para todas las edades.
Author: Phillip Pullman
Nº pages: 584
Editorial: Ediciones B
Approximately price: 20.00€
*This number helps to find the book in the databases of the bookstores.

What I mean is they haven´t been corrupted   sugarcoated by Disney, these tales are the ones which were told to children around the seventeen century in order to teach them about how life is. Not to talk too much about it, you may be surprised by how different Cinderella´s story is from the original one – even more if we take into account that she is forced to climb a tree to hide from the charming prince and her two stepsisters cut off some parts of their foot to become princess.
This edition comes with a little annotation at the end of every short story by the hand of Phillip Pullman.  I know I´ve caught your morbid attention with the comment above, don´t deny it I personally think it´s worth the reading  there´s a tale called “The mouse, the bird and the sausage”, how can you miss the opportunity to read something like that, so give it a chance.

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