Title: Almost accidentally

Spanish title: Casi sin querer

Author: Jose Ángel Gómez Iglesias (@Defreds)

Nº pages: 172

Editorial: Frida

Approximate price: 12,00€

Spanish SBN: 9788494398902

Sometimes love is as complicated as unpredictable. But in the end the things that we value the most are the simplest details, the most beautiful, those which arrive without warning you. And at the time of writing about feelings, there isn’t anything better than to write it from the heart. And this is what Defreds does in this book.

Frida is a new editorial which published especially poetry collections, and they bring opportunities to new writers in this field. I have to confess that I had never read a poetry book by myself before and I fell in love with this book when I read the first sheet. To buy this book has been the best decision I could take to enter into this field, Defreds shows you the good and the bad sides of love, reading through its pages you can see the heartbreak, deceit, fantasies and ruptures suffering from anyone.

But if love doesn’t call you don’t worry, Frida has many books in different topics, and you can read poems or short stories. Here you are some of its most recognized titles:


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  1. Este libro me llama mucho la atención y quiero probar poesía contemporánea, así que espero leerlo pronto.
    ¡Un beso! ^^