Stone Dreams

Title: Stone dreams
Spanish title: Sueños de piedra
Author: Iria G Parente y Selene M Pascual
Nº pages: 473
Editorial: Nocturna
Approximate price: 16,50 €
Spanish SBN: 9788494335471

Arthmael, the prince of Marabilia was angry because another prince wanted to take the crown of his kingdom and he decided to go away from the palace to look for fame and glory. While he´s running away from the castle he meets Lynne, a whore who was running away from the whorehouse in which she was hold for years, to go away and to make her dreams true. But in the journey, they both met a sorcerer called Hazan who was going to one of the Marabilia´s kingdom to look for a cure for her sister who was sick. Finally, Lynne and Arthmael decided to go with him to search for what they had run away. During their journey they met strange animals, bandits, enchanted forest, etc.

Arthmael and Lynne didn´t like each other, they were so different, but they couldn´t hide their feelings. Will Hazan get what we wants? Does Arthmael become a king? Or does Lynne get what she wants?

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