Yes, everything comes to its end and this school year too.  It's been quite a long hard season but really profitable too, at least for most of my students, who I'd like to wish the best summer to.
The bottom line is, from my point of view, the complete success of the students considering the amount of projects that they have taken part in.  Many of them have developed their tasks far beyond my initial expectations and we can count their results as optimal.
First of all, the implementation of this digital magazine which has received more than 6500 visits from 27 countries in its first six months; so we will try to consolidate and improve this project next year with some more students and sections. They also carried out the renewal and decoration of their classroom as you can see in the video in the post below by dedicating part of their free time on it.
Students in 3º ESO have shown great talent by making remarkable slideshow presentations in class.  Many of them have proved good skills with ITCs and to be proficient at speaking to an audience.
Even students in 3º Diversificación got better results at the end than they had in the first term.
1º Bachillerato have also worked well in and out of class. They had a school trip to London as we told in this same magazine last April as a prize for their hard work and good behaviour in class.  You can enjoy their videos by clicking the tab "students' videos" above.
And finally, what to say of my veterans!! 2º bachillerato has done it really well in PAEG so most of them will be able to choose their first options at university.
So, enjoy your well deserved summer holiday at your best, relax and we'll see in September.

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