Interview to Daniel


1.- What instrument do you play?
I play the piano.

2.- How long have you been playing for?
I´ve been playing for 6 years.

3.- Why did you start playing?
I don´t remember exactly, but I think music drew my attention, so I started at the initiation level when I was just 6.  Later on, at 8, I started piano.

4.- How long does it take you per week?
I take it like a hobby (in fact, I don´t go to the conservatory) so I don't play so much, around 6 or 7 hours per week.

5.- How long have you been practising at the music shool?
I have been practised since I was 6 up to 14.

6.- Whould you like to continue with this in a future? As a hobby or in a professional way?
No, I prefer to continue as a hobby. I've never thought of attending to the conservatory.

7.- What are your feelings on the stage?
My hands sweat before and after playing, but not while I am playing, I can concentrate myself and I forget I'm playing for all that people.

8.- What did you prefer? Playing at solist or in a group? Do you play in any group?
I prefer playing as a solist, because I can play what I want, but I don't mind playing in group.

9.- Whould you like to start playing another instrument?
The truth is that I don't have any other favourite instrument.

10.- Who are your musical idols? Whould you like to be like them?
I don't have any musical idols, but I like Schumman and Bach.

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