NBA February all top

In this section we'll include the best videos of the best basketball league of the world,  NBA! It will host the top, the most interesting and curious videos!

Top 10 February 14th
Here we're at your daily Top All Starts plays of the NBA
10. Lillard (0) (Portland Trail Blazers) see perfectly Waiters (3) (Cleveland Cavaliers) and they starts the first top 10 of all starts with an alley oop!
9. An other alley oop from the same Lillard (0) (Portland Trail Blazers) but now the beneficiary is Terrence Jones (6) (Houston Rockets)
8. Good dunk of Anthony Davis (23) (New Orleans Pelicans)!
7. In this top 7 we can see a beautiful cap of Plumlee (1) (Brooklyn Nets)! He frutrated his opponent!
6. Now we can see a good play of WEBB that finish Plumlee (1) (Brooklyn Nets) with a great one hand dunk!!
5. Another Plumlee now de 22 of Phoenix Suns makes a big cap to Anthony Davis (23) (New Orleans Pelicans)
4. Tim Hardaway Jr. (5) (New York Knicks) takes advantage of the great all court pass and does this fantastic back dunk!!
3. Very good pass of the number 80 of the East, and the woman with the number 4 takes advantage of it!
2. Beautiful 360 reverse in the air of Hardaway Jr. (5) (New York Knicks)!! So nice!!
1. Great play of Anthony Davis (23) (New Orleans Pelicanas) who first does a magnific cap to his oponent and then finish the play with a good alley oop from Oladipo (5) (Orlando Magic)

Top 5 February 13th

Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
5. We go to Chicago and starts this top 5 with a counterattack of Bulls with the end dunk of Gibson (22) (Chicago Bulls)!
4. A good movement of Durant (35) (Oklahoma City Thunder) that  Reggie Jackson (15) (Oklahoma City Thunder) see perfectly the movement and they makes the alley oop!
3. A good bounce effect pass of Marshall (12) (LA Lakers) for an eassy two points of Williams (3) (LA Lakers).
2. Kevin Durant (35) (Oklahoma City Thunder) makes a beautiful dunk in a steal of the Thunders!
1. Very good pat of Butler (21) (Chicago Bulls) that gives an eassy dunk for Noah (13) (Chicago Bulls)

Top 10 February 12th
Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
10. Very good play of Charlotte Bodcats with a back pass of McRoberts (11) (Charlotte Bodcats) and the dunk of Biyombo (0) (Charlotte Bodcats)
9. Oladipo (5) (Orlando Magic) take advantage of the counterattack where we have time a does a good dunk!
8. One big conection of the NBA is the conexion Harden (13) (Houston Rockets) and Howards (12) (Houston Rockets). We can see it in this alley oop.
7. In top we have the exhibition of Blake Griffin (32) (LA Clippers)
6. LeBron (6) (Miami Heat) is not only power, he has speed and he shows us this two qualities in this play!
5. I think that a perfect counterattack can be like this! The alley oop is fantastic! From Prigioni (9) (New York Knicks) to Chandler (6) (New York Knicks)
4. But if we talk of counterattacks Miami with LeBron James (6) (Miami Heat) they are one of the best!
3. Iguodala (6) (Golden State Warriors) wants to do the play only he and makes this great play with a fantastic dunk!
2. Harden (13) (Houston Rockets) anotes two points when Houston were 1 point down with the Wizards. Time left : 0,7 seconds!
1. Absolutely incredible LeBron (6) (Miami Heat)... no words! 2 points down and LeBron from the three shot zone anotes when 0,1 seconds left!!!!

Top 10 February 11th
Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
10. Good play of LA Lakers that ends with an alley oop from Marshall (12) (LA Lakers) to Johnson (11) (LA Lakers)
9. Very good pass of Smith (3) (Phoenix Suns) that permits Barbosa (10) (Phoenix Suns) to anote 2 easy points.
8. Fantastic cap of Biyombo (0) (Charlotte Bodcats). Not in my house!! Said Biyombo!
7. Expectacular dunk of McLemore (16) (Sacramento Kings) between four rivals!!
6. Andersen (11) (Miami Heat) makes this fabulous dunk at the same time he was catching the rebound!
5. Nice play of Jhonson (3) (Memphis Grizzlies) who makes this back dunk when we all think he has not exit.
4. Magnific this two plays of Waiters (3) (Cleveland Cavaliers). Expectacular theirs air rectified and the perfect effect who gives to ball!
3. Excellent pass of Tucker (17) (Phoenix Suns) who makes a back pass out looking and attracks the defenders for a good definition of  Morris (11) (Phoenix Suns)
2. An excellent one hand dunk of Green (14) (Phoenix Suns) at the LeBron’s face. James can’t do anything!
1.  But now LeBron (6) (Miami Heat) appears with space and nobody near him, and LeBron likes it a lot!!

Top 10 February 10th
Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
10. Excellent alley oop from Lin (7) (Houston Rockets) to Jones (6) (Houston Rockets)
9. The start of this top 9 is the cap of Drummond (0) (Detroit Pistons)!!
8. Very good the feeling of Golden State Warriors in this match, we can see it at the scores’ table. This play is an example of this!! Iguodala (9) (Golden State Warriors)
7. Amazing the Stephenson’s (1) (Indiana Pacers)  dribbling!! Expectacular!
6. Drummond (0) (Detroit Pistons) appears another time to stars this alley oop from Jennings (7) (Detroit Pistons)
5.Faried (35) (Denver Nuggets) take advantage of the good pass of his partner and make this beautiful dunk!
4. Shved (1) (Minnesota Timberwolves) enters in the zone without fair!!
3. Smith (6) (Detroit Pistons) measures perfectly his steps and makes this nice dunk!!
2. Fantastic alley oop from Rivers (26) (New Orleans Pelicans) to Davis (23) (New Orleans Pelicans) who appears from anywhere!

1. Gordon (10) (New Orleans Pelicans) is very lucky today and stars this top 1 play!!

Top 10 February 9th
Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
10. It looks easy how Green (8) (Boston Celtics) enters in the Dallas Mavericks’ zone!1
9. Clevelant Cavaliers are two points down of the Memphis and in a good counterattack Irvin (2) (Cleveland Cavaliers) makes a 2+1!!
8. Serge Ibaka (9) (Oklahoma City Thunder) makes this expectacular dunk!! Brutal!
7. Griffin (32) (LA Clippers) likes the air and makes a beuautifull dunk protecting the ball with his right and dunks with the left one!
6. Alley oop from Griffin (32) (LA Clippers) to DeAndre (6) (LA Clippers) who knows how to finish!
5.An other expectacular alley oop from Terry (31) (Brooklyn Nets) to Plumlee (1) (Brooklyn Nets). Big jump!
4. Amazing the dunk of Acy (5) (Sacramento Kings) who celebrate effusibely the play!
3. Very good dribbling of Paul George (24) (Indiana Pacers) but the definition is better!!!
2. A fantastic dunk of Waiters (3) (Cleveland Cavaliers) who up the difference in overtime to 6 with 40 seconds left!

1. This is the feeling of the LA Clippers stars by Griffin (32) (LA Clippers). They are very good this year!!

Top 10 February 8th
Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
10. Walker (15) (Charlotte Bodcats) makes a fantastic play of two points and makes his team to win at the final of the 3rd quater!
9. Kanter (0) (Utah Jazz) imposes at the zone and makes this brutal dunk!
8. A good alley oop form Lin(7) (Houston Rockets) to Howards (12) (Houston Rockets).
7. Willians (2) (Utah Jazz) makes a magnific cap to Battier (31) (Miami Heat)
6.  Good counterattack of the eleven of the Houston Rockets who has time for do wath we want!
5. Monroe (10) (Detroit Pistons) has space and this can be very dangerous!
4. Walker (15) (Charlotte Bodcats) steals the ball and pass for an alley oop to Henderson (9) (Charlotte Bodcats)
3. Green (14) (Phoenix Suns) see the straight street to the ring and hit it!
2. Other time Green (14) (Phoenix Suns) wants to appear in the top and gives us this fantastic dunk!!
1. Hickson (7) (Denver Nuggets) eats his defensor!! Beautiful 

Top 10 February 7th

Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
10 He is Steve Nash (10) (LA Lakers) and this are some of his best plays of the last match!
9. Smith (6) (Detroit Pistons) introduces into the kitchen without fair and finishes with a one hand dunk!
8.  Look at this pass!! Look at it!! Incredible! From Billups (1) (Detroit Pistons) to Brummond (0) (Detroit Pistons) who finishes the play!
7. Alonzo Gee (33) (Clevelant Cavaliers) imposes at the rebound and hit the ring at the same time!!
6. A excellent play of the New York Knicks!! More exactly of Smith (8) (New York Knicks) and the finished of  Tyler (4) (New York Knicks)
5. Blake Griffin (32) (LA Clippers)!!! Expectacular Griffin! See it please!
4. Expectacular alley oop of Brandan Wright (34) (Dallas Mavericks) who catches the ball in the air with one hand and then without space dunk!!
3. Terrence Ross (31) (Toronto Raptors) introduces between 4 rivals! Makes and beuatiful dunk who position him in top 3!
2 Tony Wroten (8) (Philadelphia 76ers) shots from the free line shots of his court!! Very Lucky!
1. Incredible!! It’s amazing how can change all in basketball in a couple of seconds!! Magnific! Oladipo (5) (Orlando Magics) takes the rebound pass to Harkless (21) (Orlando Magic) who prefers pass to Harris (12) (Orlando Magic) who DUNK the ring in the LAST SECOND!!

Top 5 February 6th
Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
5. Augustin (14) (Chicago Bulls) makes a fantastic dribbling and leaves the ball in the air for a confortable 2 points!
4. Gibson (22) (Chicago Bulls) takes a rebound and in the same times dunk!! Wonderfull!!
3. Iguodala (9) (Golden State Warriors steals the ball  and makes a fantastic dunk with one hand!!
2. We continue in the same match and see this expectacular dunk from Green (23) (Golden State warriors) in the face of Noah (13) (Chicago Bulls)!
1. We see the amazing dunk with one hand of Teletovic (33) (Brooklyn Nets) but we also can see the fantastic pass of Kirilenko (47) (Brooklyn Nets)

Top 10 February 5th
Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
10. J.J. Hickson (7) (Denver Nuggets) see the road to the ring and go fast to it!!
9.Millsap (4) (Atlanta hawks) receives a great pass and dunk in the face of his defender!
8. Blake Griffin (32) (LA Clippers) takes a fantastic pass and without looking putt he ball into the ring!!
7. A genious alley oop from Crawford (11) (LA Clippers) that takes DeAndre Jordan (6) (LA Clippers) and do a back dunk!
6. Smith (6) (Detroit Pistons) runs inside the zone without fear and dunk between two rivals!!
5. Hardaway Jr. (5) (New York Knicks) have time and nobody between him and the ring and can do what he want!!
4.A three point shot from not only the middle… from the three point line of his court! Wroten (8) (Philadelphia 76ers)
3 This is LeBron (6) (Miami Heat) flying in the air and dunk with one hand!! Amazing!
2. Big mistake of the San Antonio Spurs losing a ball that costs the tie with 1.4 seconds left! The man who converts was Wall (2) (Washington Wizards)

1. Blake Griffin (32) (LA Clippers)!! Incredible dunk!! It’s for see it!!

Top 5 February 4th
Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
5. A good three point shot from the middle of the court when the time was over in the 3rd qtr! from Speights (5) (Golden State Warriors).
4. A very good alley oop from Steve Nash (10) (LA Lakers)  from the middle court to Johnson (11) (LA Lakers)!
3. McRoberts penetrates in the zone and makes this animal dunk!
2. Stephenson (1) (Indiana Pacers) runs between four rivals and makes a difficult shot when someone had hit him!
1.Paul George (24) (Indiana Pacers) steals the ball and have time for makes this amazing dunk!

Top 10 February 3rd
Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
10. A good form of start a top is like this alley oop! From Paul Pierce (34) (Brooklyn Nets) to Livingston (14) (Brooklyn Nets)
9. Good conbination of the Washington Wizards that finish Webster (4) (Washington Wizards) with a good dunk!
8. Kevin Durant (35) (Oklahoma City Thunder) highlights also in defense and give as this sutil cap!
7. José Calderón (8) (Dallas Mavericks) see the gap and pass throughing it to Wright (34) (Dallas Mavericks) for a confortable one hand dunk!
6. Rudy Gay (8) (Sacramento Kings) makes a individual play and he see the narrow corridor!
5.Paul George (24) (Indiana Pacers) steals a ball of imp! and enters in the top five with George Hill (3) (Indiana Pacers) with this nice alley oop!!
4. Hickson (7) (Denver Nuggets) finishes what his mate can't! and in a great form...
3. Lebron (6) (Miami Heat) don't need two hand for dunk!! He shows it to us in this alley oop. He receives the ball and dunk with only a hand!! Excellent!
2. Incredible this winner three shot from Knight (11) (Milwaukee Bucks). 1.6 seconds left in the match!
1. In basketball anything is posible! We see another winner three shot but now the context is a little bit difference, because he shot from 2 meter farder than the three pionts land and the Denver Nuggets is two point less than Clippers and the time is over!! The man who makes it posible is Randy Foye (4) (Denver Nuggets)

Top 3 February 2nd
Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
3.Three plays of the Orlando Magic - Boston Celtics, and here we see a nice play of Rondo (9) (Boston Celtics)
2. At number two! Another time Rondo (9) (Boston Celtics) with an amazing bounce pass that permits Bass (30) (Boston Celtics) to dunk easily!
1. A fantastic cap of Jeff Green (8) (Boston Celtics) that stops the counterattack of the Magics!!

Top 10 February 1st
Here we're at your daily Top plays of the NBA
10. Beautiful and lucky play in which Griffin (32) (LA Clippers) is forced to shoot and the ball walks on the board and finally gets in!
9. A good counterattack that Ricky Rubio (9) starts (Minnesota Timberwolves) who steals the ball and assists Brewer (13) (Minnesota Timberwolves).
8. First a cap of Millsap (4) (Atlanta Hawks) and the counterattack finishes in a good alley oop by Scott (32) (Atlanta Hawks) after a good combination of the Atlanta’s team.
7. Durant (35) (Oklahoma City Thunder) who appears with a good dunk after a good stealing by Jackson (15) (Oklahoma City Thunder).
6. Ricky Rubio (9) (Minnesota Timberwolves) infiltrates in the zone and does a back pass for an easy dunk of Turiaf (32) (Minnesota Timberwolves).
5. An alley oop from de middle part of the court from Crawford (11) (LA Clippers) to Blake Griffin (32) (LA Clippers) that finally the alley oop with a back dunk!!
4. Lillard (0) (Portland Trail Blazers) with his 1,91m run inside the zone between the rivals and dunk with one hand!
3. A very nice alley oop that it’s from a pic and roll that finally DeAndre Jordan (6) (LA Clippers) jumping near the free shot line!
2. Again DeAndre Jordan (6) (LA Clippers) who is behind the ring but goes back and dunks when nobody expects it!!
1. At number 1 we have a beautiful alley oop from Beverley (2) (Houston Rockets) using the board and Harden (13) (Houston Rockets) arrives to finish what he just had begun.

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