Interview to Yeray


1.-What instrument do you play?
Cello and guitar

2.-How long have you been playing for?
I have played the guitar for the last 8 years and cello for the last 5.

3.- Why did you start playing?
I always used to see my uncle playing the guitar and I felt jelous and so I wanted to play like him, till the day that I was given my first guitar and I started to play.

4.- How long does it take you per week?
As many hours as I can everyday after going to the consev in Madrid. About 10-13 hours for both instruments.

5.- How many years do you think you are going to be in the conservatory?
I'd like to finish all I have started. About 10 although you can, of course, go further, but I haven´t got any clear idea yet.

6.-Would you like to continue with this in a future? As a hobby or in a professional way?
Yes, and I don´t mind the way, always as a hobby and in a professional way, it depends on how lucky I´ll be.

7.- What are you feelings on the stage?
If it is a solo, I get very nervous till I atart playing. When it is in a group, I enjoy from the very beginning.

8.- What did you prefer: playing like a solist or in a group? Do you play in a group?
Clearly in a group. I've been playing as a guitarrist in a rock group in Alcorcón. 

9.- Whould you like to start playing another instrument?
I just started the piano and I also like to start playing the drums.

10.- Who are your idols in music? Whould you like to be like them?
James Hetfield and J.S. Bach. And I whould like to be like them only in the musical way. They are outstanding musicians.

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